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At first glance, Diamond Willow blends into the crowd of trees along the riverbank. However, the beauty which lies beneath the bark of this tree is anything but ordinary. Diamonds formed as a result of a fungal condition, along with exquisite designs created by burrowing insects, make every piece unique, and truly one of a kind.

Although it can also be found in other states such as New York, Michigan and Minnesota, we only harvest Montana’s Diamond Willow.

Our sticks are all premium grade diamond willow.  They are professionally hand-picked from the beautiful and uninhabited valleys and riverbanks of Montana, All of our Diamond Willow is then professionally hand-crafted into the one of a kind beauty & presence that no other fine wood can offer; each has a personality of its own!!


From start to finish, we carefully craft each piece by hand. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Find, Select and Harvest. Locate Diamond Willow trees and select & cut the branches.

  2. Peel, Dry, and Trim. Remove the bark and let the wood dry.

  3.  Sand & Clean out diamonds. Sand to a smooth surface and use a coarse-grit sandpaper on the diamonds.

  4.  Customize. Use a laser cutter to add a name or image.

  5.  Varnish and Buff. Add a finish to the surface of the entire stick. Buff it out.

  6.  Accessorize. Add wraps, beads, a compass, or feathers for decoration.


We hope you enjoy our products. From our home to yours, and with great love and appreciation for Diamond Willow and of Mother Nature,

Thank you for your support!


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